Tank Tops
50/50 Cotton/Poly Blend Jersey
American Apparel BB408

3.7 oz 50/50 Blend Tank Top

Specification Chart

A unisex tank in our 50/50 combed cotton/ poly blend. Featuring a durable ribbed neckline, as well as durable ribbed arm openings. The combed cotton/ poly blend provides an ultra soft, worn in feel and superior drape. Stain removers cannot be used on Fluorescent colors.

** Unisex size women may prefer to order one size smaller**

Color:    White

MSRP (without Screen Printing)    $7.70

Sizes: XS S M L XL

Companion Styles:

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(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_Red_40x40.jpg is missing)


(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_NeonHeatherPink_40x40.jpg is missing)

Neon Heather Pink

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(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_NeonHeatherBlue_40x40.jpg is missing)

Neon Heather Blue

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(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_HeatherLakeBlue_40x40.jpg is missing)

Heather Lake Blue

(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_UltraBlue_40x40.jpg is missing)

Ultra Blue

(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_NeonYellow_40x40.jpg is missing)

Neon Yellow

(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_NeonHeatherOrange_40x40.jpg is missing)

Neon Heather Orange

(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_NeonGreen_40x40.jpg is missing)

Neon Green

(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_HeatherKellyGreen_40x40.jpg is missing)

Heather Kelly Green

(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_Black_40x40.jpg is missing)


(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_HeatherBlack_40x40.jpg is missing)

Heather Black

(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_Asphalt_40x40.jpg is missing)


(_swatches/AmericanApparel/AmericanApparel_BlackAqua_40x40.jpg is missing)

Black Aqua

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     Style #:  American Apparel BB408     Color:  White
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